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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Kevin.  You're right.  Currently, that bulk import option is available only with Storyline and Quizmaker.

Do you have a huge base of questions that you're looking to bring into Rise?  Will these questions be reused in different courses?  And do you need to track learner responses?

Maybe the community can brainstorm some ways to make this process the most efficient it can be for your future Rise courses!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kevin, 

We'll keep you posted if importing of questions is added to Rise, and our team updates the Rise Version history and our “What’s New” page with that type of detail and announcements. 

If you need to track the individual answers and responses of your learners, Rise can do that too! You'll see the data that we'll report noted here. 

Tabatha Dragonberry


I do have a bulk set of questions I need to import into rise about 10 versions of an exam with 140 questions each for board prep. I didn't really want this with a storyline block. Questions will not be repeated. I would like the learner to be able to review the rationale for the correct and incorrect answers at the end. Yes, I would like to track responses. Any brainstorming ideas for that?

Is there any benefit in using Quizmarker and importing into Storyline vs going direct into Storyline?  Can you import information for correct and incorrect answer feedback?  This is my first time doing bulk. Do you have a spreadsheet template for this? 


Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Tabatha. 

It sounds like you're working with a large number of quiz questions, so I can see how a question import feature in Rise 360 would be helpful for you! While Rise 360 doesn't have that feature right now, I'll let our team know that you need an easier way to bulk import questions.

I would suggest using Storyline 360 for your courses since you can bulk import questions into that tool. You can also customize correct/incorrect feedback and track responses in your learning management system. 

Tejas Pinto

I have about 1000 questions in a course split into 140 modules. I spent the whole day trying to import questions for a single quiz (20 questions) after formatting them using the *.xls and *.txt template. When I tried to link it up to the Rise lesson, I faced more difficulties. I think a direct importer to Rise would make a lot of sense. I now have the tedious job of copy-pasting each individual question and answer into Rise. I may die of boredom. :/