Can my users download a rise course from my LMS for their offline viewing?

Oct 17, 2018


I build courses in rise.  At the moment I usually upload them as SCORM packages, however I would really like the courses to be available to my users offline.

For example, I would like the users/learners to be able to download the rise course (a bit like an itunes song) from my LMS, and have the course download onto their personal computer - allowing them to have the option of viewing the content offline.

Is that posible?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Roxanne, 

I haven't seen an LMS setup which allowed for downloading of a course directly, but you could always provide an option within Rise for the learners to download a copy of it. 

Here's one option: 

  1. Export the Rise course as a web package.
  2. Upload the entire folder to a internal server learners can download files from, or use a tool like Dropbox
  3. Open your original Rise course again, and add the above link to download a copy into the course (Add to a Text or Button block?) with directions to your learners that they'll want to download and extract the zip file, then launch the index.html file. 
  4. Export that for SCORM and upload to your LMS
  5. Voila! Your learners can now view the course within the LMS and be presented with an option to download a copy of the course. 

Keep in mind that any embedded web content won't work offline unless you have an active internet connection. 

Also, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge block local playback of Rise courses altogether. You'll just see a blank page in these browsers. So you'll want to make sure your learners can use Chrome, Safari or Firefox to view the courses. 

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