Can one single checkbox be placed in a Rise course?

Dec 23, 2020

Hi, I'd like to build a course in which my learners check a box in different sections of the course as a confirmation that they've completed that specific section. I tried leaving only one of the boxes from a multiple-choice interaction, but it doesn't work. So that's my question, can single checkboxes be placed in different sections of a course so the learners tick it as confirmation that they've indeed completed that section?

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Omar Quesada

Thanks Matthew! I know about that option, but (and I should've mentioned this in my original post) the learners will have to access some of the content in another learning platform. So what I want is an actual checkbox (saying for instance "I have successfully watched this video") that the learner has to click to confirm that they've completed that item. Doing so, in my view, would also increase the learner's commitment to actually complete those items in the other platform. I'd appreciate any further ideas.

Heidi D'Cunha

I noticed a discrepancy here!  So, I used the list item checkbox followed by the Continue button (set so that the block above needs to be completed). When I checked the box, the Continue button appeared, but then I unchecked the box and the Continue button still stayed, so I could  click it and finish the course even though the box was unchecked!!!