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May 11, 2018

Hello everyone, 

I am working on a Rise course and I am wondering if there is a way to change/hack the course navigation. When you look at the course menu it's divided into sections so that there is a logical flow and organization. However, if you are actually taking the course you don't see these "sections" and instead at the end of each lesson it gives you the option to go to the next lesson, even if the following lesson is in a different section. For sections that end with Storyline blocks, you can use the "Continue" button or text to let the learner know they've completed one section and they will be moving into another. However, if a section ends with a timeline, labeled graphic, etc. There isn't a way to provide this transition. Is the only solution to add another storyline block just to use the continue button?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Coniqua, 

It sounds like you'd like an option to alert learners to the fact that they've completed a section before moving onto the next one? If you're using some of the pre-built lessons at the end of a section, you can't add a continue button or other blocks inside those lessons.

You may want to look at other options for course organization - perhaps ending every section with a quick knowledge check question? That way you'd have a confirmation from the user that they were ready to go to the next section.

Alex Bradley

Hi Ashley, 

Thanks for your reply. Can i check that my understanding is correct? If i use a pre-built lesson in a Rise course AND i toggle the settings of the course under 'Navigation' to NOT include previous and next navigation buttons, then there is no way for a learner to move on from the end of the pre-built lesson? 


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Alex and Anthony,

You've asked some great questions, and I appreciate the insight you've shared on how you're using Rise! 

You're spot on -- if you disable the previous and next buttons, there isn't a way for the learner to move on (in a pre-built lesson) to the next lesson unless the learner uses the sidebar menu. 

Thanks for letting us know you'd like to see all pre-built lessons as blocks, including quizzes. I'll be sure this feedback gets to our Rise team as something to consider for future updates!

Sharon English

I'm a little late coming to the part in relation to this conversation, but it relates to something I am trying to figure out. I have a Rise course where all navigation has been disabled, and I am using a button to move to the next lesson. I know this sounds totally odd, but there is a method to my madness.

I want to add a previous button but the only option is a button stack (and that looks horribly chunky). I thought I could achieve a 'previous/next' function using a storyline slide with triggers, but they don't seem to work outside of the storyline block. Am I right in understanding that: 

a) the only way to navigate from lesson to lesson within Rise (if all navigation functions are turned off) is via a button or button stack

b) there is no way to align button stacks (i.e they only appear on top of each other)

b) triggers in a Storyline block will only work within the Storyline block?


Sharon English

Hey again Allison, as Rise doesn't provide the ability to branch (eg for scenarios), I'm thinking creatively about how else to do this. I've turned off all navigation and am using buttons and button stacks. I need a way to provide next and previous navigation and I can only seem to use a button stack for this (which is really chunky and not very aesthetically pleasing).


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