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Katie Riggio

Yikes, Irina! I'm sorry your colleague has come across this behavior in Rise. 

Mind sharing one of your course's name and URL with our Support Engineers, so we can do a deep dive? They're rockstars when it comes to pinpointing the root of such issues, so you and your teammate can get back to editing content without any interruptions. ☺️

Aviva Minc

Hi, I'm having the same issue. Has this glitch been resolved? I'm using latest Chrome on my MacBook and when I want to edit text (align, bold, anything... ) it won't let me choose anything. It the choice just disappears and doesn't actually action. So i click on align centre but it doesn't align or do anything. Click bold and it doesn't bold. It works fine in the same project on my PC when i tested it. So seems to be a Mac glitch. Help please :) 

Karl Muller

What happens to me regularly on the PC using the latest version of Chrome, is that I'm able to select text, but when the formatting toolbar appears, none of my selections are applied. or example, if I change the color, size, alignment, none of the changes are applied to the selected text.

Is this what you are experiencing? 

What I do when this happens, is close out my course and then access it again immediately.

Most of the time this fixes the issue.