Can't Edit Table in Rise

Nov 06, 2019

Is anyone able to edit a table in rise?  I am able to insert a table and the editing box shows up when I highlight a column or row, but I am unable to click any of the buttons in the editing box.


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Karl Muller


Yes, by default, Rise creates a table with 5 columns, 2 rows and a header row.

There is no Edit button for a table.

Simply click anywhere inside the table, and the table toolbar will appear that allows you to edit the table. You can add and delete rows and columns, format the table, etc.

If you select any text in the table, the text toolbar will appear that will allow text formatting.

Doug Dillard

Thank you for the video; It helps explain the process. However, this feature is not working for me. When I click the icon to remove the 5th column as shown in your demonstration, nothing happens. I've closed out of my Chrome browser Version 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit). Logged back into Rise 360, and reopened my course, but still, nothing happens when I click the icon to delete the column.

Doug Dillard

Perhaps I needed to reboot my computer because it seems to be working this
morning. I knew that it should not be so difficult to add/remove table
columns and rows.

Thank you,

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Joanne Bentley

TIP: One thing that made tables MUCH easier for me while working remotely was to create the table in Word and then copy and paste it into rise on a paragraph block. The block converts immediately to a table block... then all you need to do is tidy up colors and tweak column width, etc. That fixed all the freezing and delays. I hope that helps others. :-)