Can't export Rise into Web only file

I am unable to get my Rise project to download as web only file. I am currently testing on a different file. I press "export", choose "web only". It sends an email to my inbox and that is when the problem starts. When i open the link a file is opened in my downloads but it is all combined with other things i have on my computer. I tried deleting that file but it comes back again every time i try to download the Rise link. The file name is "content" which is something i had named my earlier files. Can you pls help me step by step know how i can download a web only Rise project and then post it on the web. I am using Google Chrome. Thanks.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marianne! 

Uploading a published course to a web server can be confusing, but you came to the right place for help!

Take a Peek at this video demo (2 mins), and let me know if that makes things more clear. This handy guide should be a helpful resource, too!

Give it a try, and let me know how you make out. 😊