Can users export their responses to interactive tasks and save progress?

Apr 26, 2023

Hi all - I'm wondering if the community can help me with a query?

If I create a Rise course and integrate it with my organisation's VLE, (including interactive elements via storyline) I'm wondering if there is:

A) A ways for users to save their responses/progress so that they can work through the course over weeks or even months, rather than having to complete it all in one go ?

B) A way for users to save and export their responses/inputs into a format such as Word or PDF? E.g. if they completed a quiz or input answers in responses to specific questions could they save a copy for future reference/offline use?

I'm essentially wondering if it is feasible to use Articulate as a tool to help users create a live / interactive learning portfolio.

Any insights or input would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Lauren Pallante

I am looking for a similar function. I need to be able to take learner responses to a reflection question and export it to something they can review. If that isnt an option, I need a way for Rise to retain the entry as this is a multi-week course. 

I embeded a Storyline block with data entry but I'm not finding a way to retain or export the response for our learner. 

I've embeded google forms in the past but we want to eliminate any manual response management like having to send users their answers.