Can you save Articulate Rise content to PDF?

Jan 08, 2018

We'd like to offer our Learners the ability to save our course content to PDF, should they need to use it offline. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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Katie Riggio

Great question, Emily!

A couple of folks have asked for a PDF version of their entire Rise course, in which our product team is looking into this as a possible new feature in the future! We'd be happy to keep you posted here when/if this becomes available.

A workaround in the meantime will be to hit Ctrl + P (or Command + P) to save each page of the Rise course as a PDF. Our CEO, Adam, recorded a quick demo of this using Peek here – around the 1:05 mark.

I also wanted to note that offline viewing is supported in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  Simply download a Rise course as a web package > extract the .zip file > then launch the index.html file to open the course without internet connection. Here’s a quick Peek if you'd like to follow along with visuals!

I hope this helps!

Cass Netzley

This feature would be WONDERFUL if it came to fruition, especially if it's something easier for the Articulate Rise dev team to implement than a true 'search' option (to search all blocks of a course-- users studying for a certification exam or just trying to reference material after a class has commenced). 

Also, this would alleviate the high priority desires of my team to have a content production tool that allows our students to tag notes and highlight text, considering Adobe Reader inherently allows said features. 

These three features are actually holding back my team, on quite a large scale, from pulling the trigger in regards to using Rise as our primary content production tool. I'd love to switch off of our current InDesign>HTML5>DPS/AEM model as soon as these 'must have' features are available in some form-- and export to PDF would certainly fit the bill.

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