Cards not displaying properly

Sep 24, 2020

Hi! I have a lesson on the Articulate servers and there is a section that has multiple cards on it with text and video embedded in each card. As of today, the cards are not displaying properly, as I am unable to scroll through the content, and some videos don't show up because of it. When I view the content in mobile mode, everything works fine, but on the desktop or tablet, it does not. Any suggestions? 



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Angello Floresco

Hey Alyssa, thanks for the reply. It is a labelled graphic block with markers. I've looked at the other markers now as well, and it looks like there's an issue with the scroll bar on the side. It only scrolls so much before stopping. Some markers don't scroll at all. It was working properly as of a few days ago, but now these markers have limited scrolling while some do not scroll at all anymore. I'm adding more screenshots, I hope these help illustrate. Thanks!

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