Carousel Interaction

Jul 12, 2021

Hi Everyone!

Am I able to create a carousel interaction in Rise 360? Or in Storyline 360 and import it into a Rise 360 course?

I'd like to use a series of text on photos that a learner may tap forward > or back arrows < to "scroll or swipe" through the info without leaving the current screen.  Also open to a format where beneath the photos are dots which indicate a swipe back and forth.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and input.

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Dwayne Schamp

There is the Carousel feature under the Gallery block. Or are you looking for something with different functionality? It has the dots under it for #of images, and stays on the current Rise screen. You'll need to create your own text on images in a separate tool, but seems to have what you want. 

Terri Smith

To help others who find this's a link to learn more about adding content (Lessons & Block Types) to your Rise 360 course

Also, a 10-second video illustrating how to find the Carousel feature in the Gallery Block, in Rise 360. 

Note: You must add a lesson title in order to have access to the ADD CONTENT button shown in the video :o)