Change the Background Color for Process Block in Rise

Jun 18, 2021


I can no longer change the background color on the Process Block template in Rise.

Please Help!

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Micah Weedman

The reason this block isn't customizable like the others is, I'm guessing, because of the progress bar. I've always just figured this was one of the many trade-offs we commit to for a inherently responsive program, and generally, if not choosing a background color is what saves me from quadruplicating everything in SL, then I can be happy with that.

THAT said, I think the progress bar in the process block isn't intuitive at all and is odd looking. I suppose if the average learner took lots of Rise modules that involved the process block they might see it for what it is. But to me it just looks like borders that are out of whack, and I suspect a different background color would just highlight that, and I can't be sure without some testing, but I'd be surprised if users are marking the progress through the process block with the shifting borders.

So: I vote for redesigning the progress tracker in the process block.

Terri Middleton

Articulate Staff posted this workaround, which really isn't feasible IMO. You have to export the project then search for each process block in the CSS, edit the color there, then rezip the project. If you make any updates to the course, you have to redo this hunt and find process.

Discover Learning Designs

Per others, a plus 1. How was it ever rolled out with this restriction considering no other blocks have it? I'd like to be able to use it more often too but can't due to branding.

It's been several years now Articulate people... how about some progress? This seems like such a simple value-add.

Micah Weedman

As already mentioned, this is a different block than the others because it has an inherently responsive progress bar built into the background that no other block has. It would actually require functionality that allowed the user to change two colors--the background and the progress bar, and not just one. So I suspect that's why it is different than the others in terms of customizability.

Brian Carrender

Thanks for this (re-)explanation, Micah. I have an honest "I am not a coder" question. If this is what is really going on here, is it super difficult to add in two color change choices into the block settings? It seems there are other blocks with multiple settings we are able to apply. I'm imagining this is just either a couple XML or Java color changes that need to be applied.

Micah Weedman

Oh to be sure, I'm not a coder or programmer of any real sort. I think of these things in Rise in the aggregate: there's a finite amount of customization that can happen before the tool stops being inherently responsive. For every block or feature we can't customize, there's one that made it onto the list of those we can. It's annoying for sure, but it's just a fact that any inherently responsive no-code tool will come with these kinds of constraints. I was just talking with a colleague who was using Sway, and it's similar there (though its a far more limited tool of course): the user has next to no control over image size, and text placement. I even imagine that this will be a feature in the new Captivate; it will offer lots less customizability than Classic Captivate. Squarespace, Wordpress, Webflow--any inherently responsive no code tool puts constraints on what you can change or control. The trade off, of course, is that with the lack of customizability comes the invaluable feature of not having to design every module or page three times and then write the code to go along with it. 

Now: which features should have made the list and which shouldn't have? That's always gonna be a hot topic lol.

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