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Mark Altin

Hi Crystal,

I'm adding my voice to this as well. 90% of what I use this feature for is labeling screenshots for web tools. All of the web tools (Confluence, Workday, Salesforce, etc.) default to having black text on a white background. The markers just don't appear. 

My solution is to tint the image so the white is gray, but it is a silly problem to have. I would be happy with an "invert" option where I could set the marker to be the accent color by default and turn gray on hover.



Joshua Chilcoat

I submitted a formal request but thought I would post in here also.

I am new to Articulate, but this was the first thing I noticed when creating Labeled Graphics. Until full customization of marker colors is available, I would suggest creating the option to flip/invert the Accent Color Theme specifically for the markers. A toggle switch could easily live right below the Marker Style (when editing the Labeled Graphic).

For example If my Accent Color Theme is Green:
By default, the Labeled Graphic marker will first appear white with a green icon, and then green with a white icon when clicked.
Alternatively, if I was to toggle the ‘Invert Color’ switch, the Labeled Graphic marker will first appear green with a white icon, and then white with a green icon when clicked.

Edward Hoke

Hi Liz: I was looking at Marker tweaking today and saw your tutorial on enhancing markers via color. Thanks for the reminder of doing something different to effect the need! Unfortunately, at this point in the dev cycle the marker style still cannot be edited. So, we are still at the behest of the + symbol. Very best and have a great '22!