Change the color of tabs in Rise

Jun 09, 2020

Hi All,

I am using the Tab feature in Rise. I want to change the color of a part of the tab that has the heading on it. It is refereed as "Item" in the editor mode. How can I do that? Many thanks in advance.


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Beth Sargent

This would definitely make the experience more colorful and easy to denote the different tabs. Hoping this and other interactive elements such as accordions get updated with more options. It would be nice to edit the Titles, backgrounds add  images/iconography etc. to all of the blocks.

Thanks for listening.

Lisa Williams

Looks like I'm about 3 years late, contributing to this discussion! I agree with everyone above that being able to add colour to tabs and accordions would be a great enhancement. I note that staff have kindly passed this onto the team over time.  Just wondering if you could share any progress being made? Whether this is a feature currently being worked on or whether it's just being considered at this stage?