Issues with Tab block customization

Feb 17, 2022

Not sure if this is an issue or if the tab blocks are functions as you intended. If you change the background color of the tabs block, it effects how the tab title is seen when you hover over the tab after selecting it.

For example, the brand color for my courses is a dark green. I have opted to change the background color of my tab blocks to match the brand color on occasion. When a tab title box has not been selected, the font color matches the brand color. Normally, this fine. However, when you select a tab to read the content in it, that's when it becomes a problem. The tab title box changes to match the tab block background color. If the background color is still light enough, this isn't really a problem. But in this instance, it renders the title unreadable because it blends in with the background color. If I move my cursor off the tab, it's fine, but it seems like it shouldn't be doing that anyway.

Is this intentional functionality and is there any way to change it so that the tab title box stays the default gray color that it is when it is NOT selected? 

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Chakira! This actually functions as intended. Thanks for letting us know what options you need to see in Rise. If we make changes that will help, we'll update you!

I see that you also have case number 03111674 open. Mick, one of our technical support engineers has submitted a feature request on your behalf.