Changing Hyperlink Color in Rise

Aug 15, 2019


I am a longtime Storyline user but new to Rise. I would like to use the text over image block to link to an external site (as there is no way to make an image a clickable hyperlink). I can make the text a hyperlink - but it turns darks blue and cannot be seen over the image.

I did use the text editor, but it will not let me change the color of the hyperlinked text. Suggestions?

Thank you!

Carrie Ann

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Carrie Ann!

By default, hyperlinks use the color you've chosen as your theme color in the course settings. However, there's an easy way to choose a different color! The trick is to set the color before adding the hyperlink.

First, highlight the text and change the color to your desired color and underline the text. Then, highlight the text again and add the hyperlink.

Now the text will be hyperlinked and underlined in your desired font color!

Scott Dinho

Thanks, Karl. If it works for you then I'm not sure what's happening with me.

This is what I get. Note, that our accent is a gold color that fits with our company's color scheme. Four different attempts with a variety of colors and the gold underline show in all of them. They also show me using the pre-written boilerplate text and text that I typed in myself. This is a bit of a head-scratcher.


Scott Dinho

Ooooooooh! I completely missed that I had to manually underline the text before setting the link. It works now. 

I do think this emphasizes that a global theme setting for hyperlinks would be so much more efficient. I have been tinkering with this on and off for years and never thought to manually underline the text myself. 

Thanks a bunch, Karl!