Changing the colour of name of a quote


In order to add some much needed colour to my courses I thought I'd change the background colour of my quote boxes. However it seems that you can't change the colour of the name attributed to the quote from black - is that right? 

Also is there any way to get rid of the caption area when you upload a video into a course?


Many thanks

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Alyssa Gomez

Great questions, Desk 1!

To change the color of the name in the quote block, highlight the text. When the floating toolbar appears, click the colors button. Pick the color of your choice, and click OK.

If you leave the caption area under the video blank, it will not appear when you preview the lesson or view the published course.

Let me know if you have other questions!

Jo Appleford-Cook

Useful discussion, thank you. I have just run into this problem as well. The issue is then compounded in that I was using Quote B style for the large font size. I can switch to Quote A and you do indeed gain contol over the font colour. However, it then appears we have o control over the font size, suggesting I have to choose between those two things. They seem relatively small points - could we have control over font size and colour in all Quote style variants? Thanks!