Characters in RISE scenarios

Sep 29, 2022

Hi All,

When working with RISE, the scenario block is really useful. Unfortunately, there is a limitation in terms of characters:

  • one can only choose from your gallery (diverse, but not really there yet)
  • one can't hide the character.

Any way this will change? This would be truly helpful. If diversifying the gallery is too time consuming, maybe at least give the option to hide the character (you can already do that, but just on the text slides, not on the Dialogue ones - and since the learner's character doesn't show up anyway, I think it's better off than having a random character that doesn't represent either sides in there).



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John Morgan

Hi Elena and John,

Both of these suggestions sound like great additions to the functionality of the character library! Currently, using third-party characters and hiding characters aren't options in Rise 360. A request has already been submitted for both of these features. I'm going to add your voices to those requests. If either one makes it onto our feature roadmap, this conversation will be updated.

Thanks for reaching out!

Mariel Andersson


We to would love those options – use your own characters and hiding characters! The scenario module is great, but unusable due to not being able to fully customize it. However looking at the feature roadmap, will this be included in this item?

Accessible Scenario Block

Immerse all learners in customizable interactive experiences with accessible scenario blocks that offer alternative text, screen reader support, and a visible focus indicator.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Mariel,

Thanks for reaching out!

We have a separate feature request for adding the option to upload custom characters to the scenario block. This one differs from the feature you mentioned which is about making the scenario block more accessible to learners. 

I've added your voice to the feature request for custom characters and I'll let you know as soon as it makes it to our product roadmap!