cmi.location problem

Oct 30, 2018

Hi all, 

I have a problem with the cmi.location value :-(

The course send a cmi.location value to the LMS (for exemple index.html # / lessons / ii6QMNUh03cXb_-S69OF8mO0O33hzAs3).

The problem occurs when the course is updated (new export in Rise and update files on the LMS) : this value is requested by the updated module but it blocks it when it tries to read it. In this case, when the learner launch the course, it’s a blank page. By deleting it in the LMS, the course can restart again but from the beginning.

The module should maintain the compatibility of the recorded data when it is updated.

Is it possible? 

Thanks for your help !


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Eline! It sounds like you replaced a Rise course on your LMS. 

Did you replace it with a revised version of the same Rise course, or with a different (or duplicate copy) Rise course?

If you replace a Rise course inside your LMS with a revised version of the same Rise course, bookmarking will work as expected.  Learners can suspend the course before the course is revised, and those same learners can resume the course after the revision.

If you replace a Rise course inside your LMS with a different Rise course (or even a duplicated copy of your original Rise course), learners will not be able to resume the course where they suspended it before the revision.  In this scenario, learners will return to the beginning of the course, but the content should never lock up.

Eline Mullet

Hi Alyssa,

This problem occured 2 times with 2 different courses : 

- the first one was a revised version of the same course 

- the second was a new version of the same course shraed by an e-learning agency shared on my Rise account (I don't know if you considered that is a new course or not in this case).

In both cases, learners are in front of a blank page if they had started training before the update.

Maybe I did not express myself properly in my first post. I asked my LMS agency about that. Here is how they describe the problem :

When a learner is trained, the module sends a SCORM "cmi.location" value to the LMS (for exemple "index.html#/lessons/ii6QMNUh03cXb_-S69OF8mO0O33hzAs3").
But when we update the module (new export) : this value stored by the LMS is no longer recognised by the new module. The learner is then stuck on blank page.
Today we have to delete all the "cmi.location" values to let the learners restart again.
The module should maintain the compatibility of the recorded data when it is updated. Is that something we can do? 

Let me know,


Roland Ulbrich

Hi Alyssa.

Sure... :)

On our LMS you can upload several language-versions of the same WBT into one WBT-Container. Depending on the language the user has choosen in the frontend (i.e. EN-US), the language-version of the WBT will be started. The status is always on the WBT-container... means, if you change the language (i.e. to DE-DE), you start the other language-version of the same WBT with the same status... and then this error occurs and the RISE-WBT is not starting...


08:54:15.165 c_API_1484_11.SetValue("cmi.location", "index.html#/lessons/b7p97oGqXnI3e6IPs8yDkMtJ80Vgg2ZG") returns: true

The same issue happens, if you have a single language WBT-Container and update the WBT content. (same issue like Eline had).

This issue doesn't happen to other WBT contents done with different authoring tolls (Storyline, ...)...

Thanks in advance. :)


Crystal Horn

Thanks for those details, Roland.

When you update the content, there's a chance that the course won't resume because the suspend data no longer makes sense between the old version and the new version. It sounds like this is what's happening with your single-language WBTs.

As for the multiple-language WBTs, I wouldn't expect resuming the course to work at all if you have a different SCORM export for each language version of your course.

If that doesn't match what you're seeing, we'd be happy to have a closer look with you. You can click here to start a case with someone on my team!

Reto Schilliger

Dear Crystel

Thanks for your info to Roland.

Does that mean that there is NO way to have multiple languages of a RISE-content in one package as we need it?

Reason for my question: Translating a course in RISE always requires to make a copy of it first. The export is then made from this translated "copy" again.  See attachment. With Storyline, this poses no problem  - does RISE behave differently?

Thanks again,



Crystal Horn

Hi there, Reto. When you translate your Rise 360 course into other languages, there will be multiple packages that you export. It will be up to your LMS how you offer them as a single course, but because they are different courses from the authoring perspective, they won't communicate progress to each other.

Alyssa Gomez

You are correct, Reto. 

When a Rise 360 course is hosted in an LMS, learners can exit and resume with their progress intact. The course will automatically pick up at the beginning of the last lesson or quiz where they left off.

There isn't a feature that will force courses to start over from the beginning, but learners can use the sidebar menu to easily navigate back to the first lesson.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Eline!

Are you seeing a blank page in your LMS after updating/overwriting a course file? If so, I have a few more questions that will help us narrow down this issue:

  • What is the scope of your edits to your existing course? For example, are you adding new lessons and content? Are you simply editing text and media? Are you changing the completion or reporting details?
  • How did you upload the new version to your LMS? Does your LMS have an option to update an existing course?
  • When you uploaded the new version, did you have the option in your LMS to clear the existing suspend data for users who have already started the last version of the course? If so, did you clear it?
  • What LMS do you use?

Hi Alyssa,

we have the same problem! We see a blank page when we open a multi-language course after we had updated it.  We update the course files by deleting the old scorm package and uploading the new one. We can't reset the learning status of the user when we update a course. 

Can you please help us solving this problem a we have and will have a lot of multi-language courses which of course have to be update once in a while.

Thanks a lot in advace!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Isabella! Thanks for letting us know what's going on.

You mentioned that you can't reset the learning status of the user when you update a course. Does that mean you cannot clear the suspend data?

We recommend clearing the suspend data because the new version may not understand the suspend data from the older version, and when that happens, you may see a blank screen. The only other option would be to upload the updated version as a new item in your LMS.


Hi Alyssa,

thanks for your respond!

That's right we can not reset the learning status when we upate a new scorm file.

We have a lot of multilingual courses built with other tools, where this problem doesn't occure. We are planning to built a lot more courses with Articulate 360 in future. But of course we will have to find a solution for this problem before we go on.

Please let me know, if there is any other way to solve this problem as this would help us a lot! 

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Isabella,

Since you aren't able to clear the suspend data, your LMS is possibly populating old progress data (from the first version) to the newest version. This causes a blank screen because the data doesn't match. We don't support versioning with suspend data or progress data. 

Hopefully other folks in the community can share how they handle updating courses in their LMS!

Marianna Schepputat

Hi Alyssa, 

we have the same problem. When we update Rise360 courses, they don't work anymore. The sceen shows a loading icon, after that it only shows a white page. We're planning to create a huge amout of courses with Rise360. How is the timeplan to fix this bug? 

Thank you in advance and best regards


5 E-Learning Author

Hi Chrystal,

any idea when this is supposed to be fixed? I see several discussions going on dealing with the same SCORM problems dating back several years... We are running into severe problems promoting such a cool tool like RISE if it does not fulfill the requirement of smooth and proper functionality. Let me know your plans.