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Katia Tzolova

Yes, I am
This time when I went to settings, I was able to see the View collaborators.

Why the option comes and goes?
Also, why the collaborator cannot see Feedback comments boxes?

Thank you,

Katia P. Tzolova
Underwriting Training Specialist; UW Training, Practices and Quality Assurance; Group Benefits
E Katia

Crystal Horn

Hi Katia,

The collaborators tab in your Rise 360 shouldn't come and go for you if you're the course owner. We can investigate more if this is a common issue for you! Just click here to start a case.

When you mention feedback, it sounds like you folks are viewing courses in Review 360. Here are a couple of things to be aware of:

  • Make sure the comments are enabled on the Review 360 item. The course owner can choose Enable Comments in the settings:
  • Course collaborators can't publish updates to the same Review 360 link. They can publish their own version, but publishing to Review 360 has a 1:1 relationship between the publisher and the Review 360 link.