Color selection in Rise 360 for backgrounds and fonts

May 01, 2023

Currently, there is not an option to adjust font color or background color in Rise other than to include a custom accent.

This option does not allow for conformance to color assessability standards (

Is there a way to allow designers and developers who must comply with these standards to change these colors?


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Judy Nollet

The default background color in Rise is white. The default font color is black. That provides as much contrast as possible. (Yes, some might say a bit too much contrast.)

The Settings for a block include the option to change the background color:

And the color of any text can be adjusted.

Thus, except for the opening page of a course, you can use whatever background and text colors you want. 

You might want to create some Block Templates with the colors you want, so you can quickly insert those (instead of editing the colors in every new block). Here's more info about Block Templates: 

Rise 360: Creating, Sharing, and Reusing Block Templates - Articulate Support 

Nicola Fern

It's still insufficient for accessibility; the default font colour is black, but some default heading styles, such as on tabbed interactions, also use the 'brand' colour, as do all links. This means the brand colour is essentially limited to darker tones that have enough contrast for smallish text on a white background.