Colour Schemes and Formatting

Hi, as I develop many courses for multiple brands i need to be able to ensure all colours adhere to the specific brand guidelines, most of which have more than one colour.

It would be great to have more control over the colour scheme setting to include 2-3 colours rather than 1.

This way when we are formatting backgrounds and text rather than setting the colour by hex# we could also select from any of the predetermined theme colours. 

This would save huge amounts of time in defining colours, allow us to have more control with the branding and perhaps also help with bulk changes if a colour had to change.

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Stan Dormer

Hi Crystal,

We love the block template feature and use it like crazy. For example, when we want to duplicate some material, we use the block template as if it were a copy tool. We select what we need from one or more areas, save as a New Template called 'Copy' and then paste it into different lessons or sections of training.

But what we really need is the ability to set a standard typeface like Roboto for the course and a standard size, say 16, and standard text colour say black, so that when we copy text from an MS Word document it comes into Rise in the pre-set typeface size, colour and font we choose.

We can always tweak it after that. But at the moment copying any text from an external source into Rise brings it in in something like a dark grey font around point size 14. And when we copy from one part of Rise to another, not using block templates because it might only be a couple of words or a sentence, but using Ctrl+C, again we lose all the formatting of what was picked up.

And, as one other writer has observed, when it comes to standardisation, so for example, you want to change the font for the whole course, having pre-sets would make life easy.

Euan Hill

Yes! This is certainly a feature required in Rise at the moment - I'm sure it won't be too long before better formatting efficiencies are made :).

In the meantime, if it's of any use, I wrote a blog with some tips and tricks to help build courses quicker in Rise and get past some of the limitations.

With regards to copying text from powerpoint/Word, I'd often just save a single block with the heading/body text set up with the required font, colour and size and then paste over that. Still not the quickest of methods, but it would at least rarely mean I had to change fonts.