Completion Settings With Combined Knowledge Check Results

Hi There,

I have built a training session in Rise with 7 mini knowledge checks. I would like the tracking to be marked completed if the user has scored a combined total of 80% in the knowledge checks. I can only see an option to assign one knowledge check. Can this be done? or is there a work around?

Also, I seem to be having issues with Firefox showing the last block of each page, which means I can't progress. It works fine in Google Chrome. Any ideas on why it isn't working in Firefox? I have checked and I have the latest version of the web browser.


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Karl Muller

Learner responses to Knowledge Checks are not tracked or saved. 

Based on your comments it seems you are referring to Rise Quizzes.

If you are using the Track using quiz result option you can only select a single Quiz for this purpose. 

The feature to use the combined results of multiple quizzes in not available in Rise but has been requested by several people. 

The only workaround is to combine all of your quizzes into one.

Megan Colbert

Hi Crystal,

It is strange because it is working on my computer, but doesn't on my team mates. We are both on the same version of Firefox. When we roll this out to users in our LMS, I won't be able to control the blocking and permission settings, so is there something else that can be causing the error? The last block on the slides that aren't allowing me to proceed are images (svgs). Could this be a reason? The SCORM was working fine before I added these images.