Continue Block set with "Complete the Content Above Before Moving On" not working

Apr 21, 2021

I created a custom drag and drop interaction and brought it into my Rise project. Right after that I created a Continue Block with setting "Complete the Content Above Before Moving On". However, the continue block shows even if the user does not submit the drag and drop Storyline Interaction. Course navigation is set to restrictive. 

Attached images show continue block showing when in preview mode and how it correctly shows in editing mode. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sean!

It looks like your Storyline block is a single slide, is that right? Be sure you include a "complete course" trigger on that slide. Here's how:

  1. Delete the current Storyline block in your Rise 360 lesson.
  2. Open the Storyline slide. 
  3. Determine when you want the Storyline slide to be considered "complete." For example, when the state of all shapes are "dropped", or something similar.
  4. Add this trigger: Complete course when [insert the appropriate condition here].
  5.  When you publish your Storyline course to Review 360, choose Track using complete course trigger.

  6. Add the updated Storyline block to your Rise 360 lesson.

Let me know if that works for you!

Sean G

Ah, yes it is just one slide and that did work! Thank you, Alyssa :-)

But now that I have you here ...

I didn't think it was possible with Rise but maybe it is now with what you mentioned above. Ideally I would want the learner to get the correct answer on the drag and drop Storyline block exercise before the continue bar get's revealed. I've set currently the Complete Course Trigger that you mentioned to when the user clicks "Submit" but is there a way to create it where they have to actually get the answer correct before the continue button is revealed? 


Renz Sevilla

Hi Sean, You can edit this trigger: Complete course when [insert the appropriate condition here].

Instead of just clicking "Submit", I suggest making this a graded interaction with a resulting quiz score. Then you can add this Complete Course trigger to the results page of the quiz instead, that way they need to pass with correct answers before triggering completion of the Storyline Block.

Josefine Appel

Hi there, 

I'm so glad I've found this discussion as I have a similar problem. I also have a single slide Storyline embedded in Rise. The Storyline slide has different layers. Unfortunately I don't find a complete course trigger that says complete course when all layers have been seen. Or am I just too blind? 

Thank you for any advice!

Christopher Santos

Hi Josefine,

We don't have a condition where Storyline can trigger completion if all layers have been seen.

If you require all layers to be viewed to require completion, one way you can do that is to commit the user to view the base slide and all the layers within it.  Then on the very last layer, you can add the completion trigger.

Here's an example showing this setup on a Storyline file that contains one slide and two layers:

1. I added a trigger to show layer 1 when the slide's timeline ends on the base slide.


2.  I also added the same trigger to show layer two once I am in Layer 1 and its timeline has ended.

3.  On the last layer is where I have added the completion trigger.


If you are looking for more ways how to "force" users to view all the layers in your course (e.g., using a "show next layer" button and hiding it until the last second in the timeline, using variables, etc.), we'll be more than happy to discuss this with you.  You can submit a case with us here and attach your Storyline file.  We'll work on it right away and respond with recommendations as soon as possible.

Josefine Appel

Hi Christopher, 

thanks for sharing your solution. :)

In the meantime a colleague of mine found another solution as a linear progression of layers doesn't work in my case.

We have forced a solution by creating an animation loop which acts as a trigger to continuously check whether our newly created ("layer-visited" true/false) variables are true. These variables are set to true once the timelines start on the respective layers. This way, my base slide continuously checks the variables for layer-completion and, once they are all true, the course is set to completed.