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Karl Muller

Continue Dividers are not part of the Course Label set. You have to edit each one manually. 

You can edit the text for Continue Dividers by editing the divider and changing the divider label there under CONTENT.

Depending on the type of Content Divider, you can also edit the hint, e.g. "Complete the content above before moving on" .

Patricia Pargament

Hi! I am creating a course in Spanish and using the "Scenarios" feature of Rise. 

I am finding that the "Continue" button at the end of each scene is not translating to "Continuar", even though it is showing that way in the "Labels" section of the Settings. 

I also checked to see if the scenarios had a setting section to translate this, but it doesn't. 

I'd appreciate your help on this


Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Patricia! Thanks for sharing what you've tried so far. I've tested the continue label from my side, and it looks correct. 

Would you be willing to send us your course Share link so we can take a closer look? If that works for you, you can get in touch with our Support team by clicking here.