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Feb 27, 2019


We are translating RISE labels into quite a few languages that we will also be translating our RISE-based courses into. When I downloaded / exported the XML file using the way described here, I have noticed that the file contains strings which I can see listed out in Settings ->  Labels, which is what I would expect, but also a bunch of other labels which look like visible to content developers only (example: button stack, flashcard stack, accordion, etc.). My goal is to translate the labels which are learner facing only, not to localize the RISE environment in which out content developers work. Can I limit the scope of translation to only these labels listed out Settings -> Labels? In this approach, will the learner be exposed to a fully translated course (assuming that the course content as developed by our content developers is translated as a separate request)?


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Anthony Karcz

Hi, Ewa! It took a bit, but I have an answer for you!

The short answer is "Yes."  

The longer answer is "Yes?" Those extra labels you're seeing in your exported XLIFF file aren't yet in use in Rise 360. Feel free to ignore them and just translate the ones you see in the Labels list in Settings. But, if Rise 360 starts to use those labels in the future, they'll display untranslated. 

Hope that helps!

Anthony Karcz

While the labels are forward-facing in regards to future features (say that five times fast), our development team is awesome at coming up with things that no one ever thought of! 

My best recommendation is to keep a close eye on the Rise 360 Version History page. When that gets updated, take a peek at your Labels list to see if anything has changed.

Dorothy Cafino Finnigan

Just to clarify: is it possible to customize built-in Rise buttons with other scripts, for example, Hindi?

I've already watched this video from the Articulate CTO, but since it doesn't cover non-Latin-based languages, I'm not 100% sure:

I know Storyline supports single-byte and multi-byte character sets, and I've seen those articles too. But I'm specifically confirming that different character sets can be used in Rise content, and that Rise labels can be modified with other alphabets, too.

Thanks for your help!

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