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Thor Melicher

If you want to try a different approach to getting a word count, you can try the app I created to do this.  It's a Windows 10 app (completely free and doesn't require Amazon Web Services like my other apps) and can be found here:


You'll need to export the XLIFF file and then load it into the application.  Works with both Rise 360 and Storyline courses.  Hopefully it will be more accurate than the PDF > Word option but your mileage will vary depending on how you create your courses.

Some notes:

  • Storyline courses will vary on word count because slide names, scenes, etc. are included in the word count
  • Storyline courses will *not* count closed caption files as they're not accessible in how they're stored
  • For Rise 360, this method *should* be faster to get a count as you won't have to wait for the export to PDF.  It should also count your answer-based feedback in quiz questions. 

I hope this helps and *crossing my fingers* the word count is more accurate to boot!