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Thor Melicher

If you want to try a different approach to getting a word count, you can try the app I created to do this.  It's a Windows 10 app (completely free and doesn't require Amazon Web Services like my other apps) and can be found here:


You'll need to export the XLIFF file and then load it into the application.  Works with both Rise 360 and Storyline courses.  Hopefully it will be more accurate than the PDF > Word option but your mileage will vary depending on how you create your courses.

Some notes:

  • Storyline courses will vary on word count because slide names, scenes, etc. are included in the word count
  • Storyline courses will *not* count closed caption files as they're not accessible in how they're stored
  • For Rise 360, this method *should* be faster to get a count as you won't have to wait for the export to PDF.  It should also count your answer-based feedback in quiz questions. 

I hope this helps and *crossing my fingers* the word count is more accurate to boot!

Sharon K.

Hi Thor! I'm interested in the app you created as I also need to get a word count for my project developed with Rise 360 for translation quotation purpose. However, it says "HEROWORDCOUNT is currently not available." on the Microsoft app store. May I know will you release/update the app you create again? Or do you have any other suggestions in getting a word count for a Rise project?

Thank you very much!

Thor Melicher

Hi Sharon!

My hunch is that you live in a country that I didn't list for availability as it matches my two paid applications, HEROVOICE TTS for Amazon Polly voices for better text to speech and HEROTRANSLATE for Storyline and Rise 360 translations.

No worries though!  Please send me a private message with your country and then I can change the setting so HEROWORDCOUNT becomes available to you.