Converting sections into Lessons in Rise

May 08, 2022

Hey guys-

I am really new to Rise, and just created my first course. However, I created each section as a "section", when it should have been a "lesson". Now I have 1 looong lesson with too many sections. How can I fix this? Thanks!


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James W Henry

Actually, what I have created may not even be 'sections', but just blocks (all this terminology). I didn't create them by doing shift-enter, but just by adding them after the previous module in edit mode. I used the "continue" divider. Maybe it's the same thing, but I just wanted to clarify. Because when I'm in the Course homepage view, all I see Is the one module (not the various sections I created within it). I saw the other post that was supposed to be on my issue (Question by Jim Murtagh), but that solution doesn't help me because my "sections" don't show up in the homepage view. Just wanted to clarify.

Karl Muller

Hi James,

The terminology can be a bit much at first.

To ensure that we're talking about the same things, a Rise course can consist of both Lessons and Quizzes. 

Both Lessons and Quizzes appear on the Course page and are labelled accordingly.

If you edit a Lesson you can add various block types to present your content.

Quizzes consist of Questions.

A Section is an optional item. Sections are simply text labels that appear on the Course page and are used to visually organize the course structure. 

If I understand your issue correctly, it seems you created a single Rise Lesson and put all your content in there but now it's too long?

James W Henry

Hi Kari. Yes, I apparently just created a "Lesson" and kept adding various block elements, not realizing that those should have been separate lessons within my "course".

However, I have solved it now, although it was not intuitive to do so. I pieced together explanations from other tutorials, and here's what it entailed:

I have one bloated lesson (Lesson 1) from which I want to extract its elements out into segments I will call Lessons 2-7.

I Went into my Lesson 1 and located the stuff I want to now call "Lesson 2". In edit mode,  I open the Blocks tab and navigate to 'create new block template' or something like that. Then I save what I just leslected as a "New Block Template".

Then Navigate out to Course overview page and Create my "Lesson 2" and populate it with the new template I just created. Then repeat the process for every segment I want to become a new lesson.

Then after confirming all my content has been migrated out, I go back into my original (bloated) Lesson 1 and delete everything except for the very beginning section, which will now be the actual Lesson 1.

Straightforward, right?  lol

It took almost as much energy to explain it as to actually execute it.

Anyway, that was the situation and how I worked around it.  I have to believe there's an easier way?

Thanks for the response, Kari!



Karl Muller

Hi James,

Glad you were able to figure it out.

I would use Block Templates. It may seem complicated the first time you use them but Block Templates is probably one of the more useful development tools in Rise.

Another way of doing it, is copy to Lesson 1 as many times as you need separate Lessons. Then delete the unwanted content from each Lesson.

I would recommend doing your initial course design outside of Rise, e.g. in a Word document.