Copy a block from one lesson to another lesson

Dec 10, 2020

I often create content for one lesson that needs to be used in another lesson.  How can I copy a block from one lesson to another.  I only see a way to copy a whole topic to another course and the only option I see for blocks is to copy it into the same topic.  

Example: I create a course that teaches our users about the new features that come out in a release. But I also need to incorporate that information into the main course.  I only see now that you have to recreate the work twice.

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Karl Muller

Hi Jenn,

You have two options depending on how much of a Lesson you need to copy:

  • Copy an entire Lesson from one Rise Course to another Rise Course.
  • To copy only some blocks of a Lesson, create a Block template from with the "source" Rise Lesson. Then insert that Block template into the "destination" Rise course.
Chino Navarro

Hi Jenn,

Here are a couple of ways on how you can reuse your content.

1. Duplicate the whole course. 
Hover your mouse over the course card, click on the three dots and select Duplicate course.


2. Copy a lesson to another course
While inside a course, hover your mouse over a lesson, click on the three dots, and select Copy to another course.


3. Create a block template to reuse lesson blocks.
While inside a lesson, select Block templates, then New Block Template.

Select the blocks you want to add to the template, then click on Save. Now you can go to a different course, select block templates, and insert the template. 

Here is an article about Block templates.