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Jun 20, 2018

The current functionality only allows you to upload saved images or images from the content library or web into Rise. It would save course creators a lot of time if they were able to copy the images from any source and paste these directly in Rise. What do people think?

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Cameron Stewart

I dig this one. I use Paste on my Mac to manage my clipboard and it saves a ton of time. In Rise, it's mostly to past HEX codes while bundling out the look and feel, but I could see a scenario where this could be useful as well. At the same time, the Templates feature in blocks has allowed us to gain similar efficiencies in module build out and common/repeating blocks with imagery. I included a quick snapshot of our Templates bucket for reference. 

Rosemary Aylward

Absolutely. I'm just starting using RISE and was disappointed to find I could not copy and paste an image. Sometimes there is an image I can access and it's easy to copy and paste it other applications. If I'm understanding this right I would have to save the image and access it from a folder which takes a longer longer than copy and paste and now I've got another item in a folder that I don't need.

laura salvadori

Hi everyone,

I have just started to use RISE and I am finding myself in the situation described above. I would like to quickly copy and paste images from other documents and don't seem to find a way to do that without having to save the image to a folder on my computer first.

Are there any updates on this, please?

thank you,

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Melor! Yes, you'll want to use files saved on your hard drive when you're adding images to your Rise 360 blocks.

Did you know that you can easily extract all of the images from a PowerPoint file? Try this method to get a Media folder. Hopefully this helps eliminate the steps of saving each image individually from your PowerPoint slides.

Rosemary Aylward

Are these directions to get a collection of pictures into Articulate. I have a PowerPoint with a bunch of graphics. I followed the directions above and I've create the zip file but I don't know where to go from there. Can I upload the zipped file and have access to the individual graphics?




Karl Muller

Hi Deborah,

Create a new image block of which there are 4 different types.

Once you have created an image block, you will see the default image for that block. Now you can replace the default image with your photo.

Next click Edit, and make sure you are viewing the Content tab.

You will see a thumbnail of the current image. To the right of the thumbnail, click Edit.

From the drop-down choose the first option Replace image.

Browse the folder where your own photo is located and select it.