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Oct 09, 2018

Hi there,

Please, advice how I can copy or import questions from one quiz to another in Rise.

e.g. I have several questions in one Rise quiz block and I'd like to copy them and insert to another quiz. Are there any ways to copy and paste them or import? In this case it'll be much easier to work with questions.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mikhail!  If you need to reuse those quiz questions in the same Rise course, you can duplicate the quiz lesson, and delete the questions you don't need.

Need to drop the quiz in a different course?  We got you covered there too!  Just copy the lesson to a different course.  Both of these options are found when you open the dropdown menu here:

Mikhail Mumlev

Hi, Crystal! Thank you very much for answering me. I mean a little bit different  thing. I want copy some questions from one quiz and paste them into the different quiz in the same lesson.

So I have several different little quizzes in the course. I'd like to make the final quiz at the end of my course. I need to take all questions from all quizzes and insert them into final big quiz. Is it possible to make it?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mikhail,

It sounds like you're hoping to combine two or more quizzes in your existing course to create that final large/master quiz? I haven't seen a method to accomplish that yet, but I know a few folks have asked about a Question bank/pool that would allow you to have a bunch of questions in a course and choose to only show the learner a set # of questions each attempt. I'll include your question here as a part of that request so that I can update you as soon as we have more information on that type of feature! 

SOS Campus SOS Alarm Sverige AB

Hi! I have a problem when I copy a quizblock from one Rise course to another. As soon as I put i copied quizblock in a risecourse, export the course and put it in the LMS, the course woun't open up. Before I put in the copied quiz there were no problem opening it. It's like the file gets damaged or someting, just by putting på copy there. How can this be?



Pragna Patel

I just clicked on the three black dots next to "Edit Content" for a quiz in one lesson, made a copy and then just dragged the copy over to another lesson in the same course which is what Mikhail who started this thread wanted to do. It does not solve the quiz bank issue but this does allow one to move a quiz to another part of the course.