Correct answers in Multiple Response content block

Feb 11, 2022

I need the user to get a "correct" response if s/he chooses either of the two correct answers. However, the user apparently will only get the "correct" response if s/he chooses all of the correct answers.

I do not see a way to change this. Is there a way? Thanks.

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Tom Kuhlmann

You probably need to add some sort of trigger to manually manipulate the selection after they hit submit so that you get the correct option. If you skip the graded question and build your own question using triggers, you have more control over what you can do because you're skipping the question logic.

What some people do is create a faux question that's not graded. And when the question is answered correct or incorrect it jumps to a real question like a T/F to grade whether the question was right or wrong. The real question is automated so the user doesn't really see it, but you can use it to track the question if you need to.