Counting Quiz Attempts in Rise

I am interested in allowing multiple attempts at a course quiz in Rise, but I want to know the number of attempts. I did this easily in Storyline, but it seems different in Rise. What I want/did in Storyline:

- Student takes quiz in the lesson

- Student exits lesson, LMS counts an attempt

- Student can launch lesson again, take another attempt, and LMS counts it again.

What I see now in Rise:

- If you allow multiple attempts at a quiz in Rise, the student can take the multiple attempts n a single session and the LMS does not count the multiple attempts

- If you allow only one attempt, then the student must exit the lesson after the attempt and then LMS counts the attempt. But when the student restarts the lesson, it does not let the student retake the quiz.

I guess what I want is to allow one attempt per session. Since I do want bookmarking in the lesson, I can't just wipe the entire student's record between attempts.

Any ideas??

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