Rise 360 - Not Reporting Multiple Attempts to LMS

Mar 17, 2021

Hello Rise 360 community, I believe this issue has been brought up before but I wanted to resurface it. Recently I've been noticing a lack of detailed data regarding Quiz attempt counts and Question answer attempt counts coming out of Rise 360 courses.


I've attached a guide that contains the problem statement and some work-arounds but it leaves me wondering, can it really be this difficult to get a clean data export out of Rise 360 in the Cornerstone LMS? I simply want to know how my users performed each attempt they had to re-take a quiz, but unfortunately the time-stamp process does not produce data that allows me to differentiate, nor does the back end data being reporting have any value other than "1" in the attempts field.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what are your work arounds? Thoughts?

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Lea Agato

Hi Justin! I'm sorry to hear you've had issues with the data reported on your quizzes in Rise.  From the document you shared, it sounds like you're using custom reports in your LMS.  Have you tried testing your course in SCORM Cloud and do you also see the same issue? Let us know if you encounter the same issues in SCORM Cloud and we'd be happy to troubleshoot this further for you!