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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nina,

We're working on a feature for Rise currently that would allow for a course completion ceremony or type of certificate. I don't have a timeline on release for that as we're still fleshing out some additional details, but would love to hear more about you need for this as our team continues to work on the product roadmap and specifics of this feature! Feel free to share with us here in the E-Learning Heroes community or head over to our Feature Request page! 

Also, welcome to the Heroes community! We're thrilled to have you. :) 

Alan Richardese

We talked about certificates at last month’s Storyline meetup. Many people use the certificate feature of their learning system if available, or a PDF they include in their course. Three or four designers mentioned cerilio.com as a super easy way to create great looking certificates. I think two even mentioned those certificates work inside Rise. Good luck


Karen Atkinson

This would be AMAZING. We are currently trying to find a solution for allowing learners to enter a quiz and then receive a certificate without using Moodle or an expensive platform. Most sites seem to do either one or the other, but we already have a full Articulate Subscription so adding this feature to Rise would be awesome. 

Gretchen Hartke

Yep, you¹ve got it.

Many of my clients are non-profits who provide continuing education credit
with their learning products. Therefore, the certificate needs to have the
person¹s name on it. Many of them currently do run their certifications
through their LMSs, however, it¹s an extra step for them to set up and
administer in the LMS. And, it¹s an extra step for the learner.

It¹d be pretty slick for the learner to be able to print right from the
course and be done with it.

John Collins

Yes, please! It would be good to hear whether we should pursue the learning of javascript or not, in order to enact this function.  We found a workaround with our LMS but it still wouldn't be quite as sweet as having the printable certificate with a variable to use the participant's written name on it. We appreciate any updates you could give us.

matt thorne

I know several LMS platforms offer this feature. We use LITMOS and when a course is marked complete, it will unlock the certificate that I created and uploaded as part of the course. This all happens outside of any SCORM authoring tool and is done via the LITMOS platform.

In my case, most courses are made up of Articulate-based modules (RIse, Storyline, etc.) and when all of the modules that make up the course show a SCORM completion of 100%, the user can download the certificate via their dashboard and list of achievements.

Anne McCarthy

Has there been any update on this?

We need to publish a course outside of our LMS to be taken by the public and need to have a "printable" certificate that would enable the learner to enter their name and completion date prior to downloading or printing. 

I'm trying to think of a work around - like attaching a PDF of a certificate that includes a fill-able name and date field? Any other ideas would be great.