Calling Storyline Variables in Rise

Apr 27, 2019

I am creating a course in Rise 360 which includes embedded Storyline 360 interactive resources.  

Learners will be asked to input various elements in the Storyline resources (e.g. slider input, text input).  

I would like to capture those variables and use later in the Rise course - either in a separate Storyline resource or by embedding the same resource again. 

However, the variables reset to default when the learner moves on from the Rise lesson.

The Storyline resource also resets navigation to 'initial state' rather than 'saved state' when revisiting despite the setting being changed before publishing in Storyline.

Is what I am trying to achieve possible with a Rise/Storyline combination?



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David Tait

Hi Craig,

Rise doesn't have the ability to access variables from Storyline and as you've discovered, one Storyline block can't pass information to another Storyline block. 

Is the issue you describe whereby the Storyline block resets to 'initial state' on revisiting occurring when you revist the first instance of the Storyline block or when you try to access a second instance (duplicate) of the same block? I'd expect the first instance to honour your settings but for the second instance to behave as a separate entity.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Craig,

As David mentioned, there isn't a method to use the Storyline variables in your Rise 360 course, as the latter doesn't have a variables feature. 

For the revisit, the Storyline block progress isn't saved. So it will always start from the beginning when revisiting the block inside your Rise 360 course. 

Daniel Bolia

Hi Ashley,

Based on the responses above, plus elsewhere on the forum,  and what I understand of the Storyline Block, it would seems that the following actions would be possible;

  • Create a Storyline module for the purpose of getting learner's name and creating a completion certificate (this can be pdf, html, or simple print screen option).
  • Include the Storyline module at the end of the Rise Course, using the Storyline Block, in order to generate a completion certificate.

Please confirm my assumptions or direct me eleswhere for more info. I'd hate to spend time creating something that would not work due to the limitations of the current Storyline or Rise.

Thank you,


Connie Wang

That's not bad, except that it just asks learners to type in a name (just a text entry field, not a variable pulling data from an LMS).  For any sort of real record-keeping, or audit purposes, I don't know that it's acceptable for learners to do that.  Consider if they printed one out as a PDF, one person could generate any number of certificates for any number of people just by typing in a different name each time.  Use with caution.