Calling Storyline Variables in Rise

Apr 27, 2019

I am creating a course in Rise 360 which includes embedded Storyline 360 interactive resources.  

Learners will be asked to input various elements in the Storyline resources (e.g. slider input, text input).  

I would like to capture those variables and use later in the Rise course - either in a separate Storyline resource or by embedding the same resource again. 

However, the variables reset to default when the learner moves on from the Rise lesson.

The Storyline resource also resets navigation to 'initial state' rather than 'saved state' when revisiting despite the setting being changed before publishing in Storyline.

Is what I am trying to achieve possible with a Rise/Storyline combination?



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Lee Edgar

I have created a similar version previously to this, we don't have our own LMS but use the HTML files to add the course with embedded storyline certificate creator to our "portal" the rise course works fine but when it reaches the storyline embedded content i.e the certificate the screen just remains blank but the user is prompted to download a file called story? 

Does anybody have solutions for this? any help would be greatly appreciated