Course completion tracking

Oct 02, 2020

I have a 10-module course that I built in Rise 360. Each Module has a "Proficiency Quiz" at the end.

My client has said that, when I export the SCORM file for them to load on their LMS, they cannot track Module or Percentage of Course completion. They indicated that they would need to load each Module as a separate course in order to do so. Is there a setting that I am missing? Or something that someone can recommend?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Frank,

Right now, Rise 360 will report Incomplete or Complete, but not percent partially complete. We haven't included that piece in the SCORM data Rise 360 sends to your LMS.

If you want to know how many lessons a learner has viewed, you would need to separate those lessons into individual courses.

We have seen similar requests for percent partially complete data, so I'll add your vote for that feature!

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