COVID-19 Rise Course

Mar 14, 2020

Hi Community,

I created this yesterday to support our retail teams as we all work together to address the current situation with COVID-19. My company is sharing this with anyone who feels they might benefit from the info, especially smaller employers who may not have the resources to put this sort of material together for staff.

If this is of help to anyone, please feel free to share the link. There's no competition during a pandemic - only community. 

We're all in this together. Best wishes and good health to you all.


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Ashe Rowan

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much to your and your team for putting this course together. It's so simple and takes a really helpful tone! 

I've been tasked with putting together something similar for our company with additional considerations and resources for the situation in our area, where things are developing pretty quickly. Would it be possible to-- credited, of course-- use your company's course as a reference for ours?


Thank you! Every day I'm reminded that we're all in this together and am grateful we're there for each other.

Bria Sullivan

Sarah, thanks for sharing! I'll share the one I'm working on too. I was wondering, are you uploading it as a SCORM Pack? Or saving to web? Or just using the Rise URL? I'm not sure the best way to distribute to my team, and folks having really gotten used to the LMS yet. Was thinking sharing the Rise URL but wasn't sure their traffic could handle all of us people doing courses like this.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bria!

The Rise Share URL is intended for testing and review purposes. For best results, I would recommend publishing it and hosting it on a web server or a LMS.

If you're looking for a hosting and tracking solution for your Rise 360 courses, is just what you need. It gives you one place to create, track, manage, and analyze your training. Check it out here!

Sarah Bezanson

Hi Bria,

In the interest of a quick and open share, I just used the review link with no password, but Alyssa's advice below is the best. For something more formal, definitely hosting on a server or an LMS (if you are looking for any tracking). I would love to see your build if you are willing to share. I will keep on updating my piece as more is learned about this disease.

Good luck and good health to you!

Juan Rois Gnecco

In this situation(COVID-19 pandemic)  when information needs to be distributed as soon as possible - in any way, can the courses be published with an URL link only? specially storyline courses - There is no need to track learners performance- just to deliver the information. with the number of people trying to access the LMS - we found that is not working properly for us, in the health sector.

thank you in advance

Sarah Bezanson

Hi Juan, - You can publish Storyline courses to web. There is no tracking of learners/performance - just the course made available on web to anyone with whom you share the link.

Hope that helps. Best wishes to you and your community for good health. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Amanda!

Click the ellipsis (...) for the course you want to share, then choose Send a copy from the menu that appears.


Enter the email addresses of the Rise 360 users who should receive the course (separated by commas), change the default message if you'd like, and click Send.

Let me know if that's what you needed!