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Nov 14, 2023

Good afternoon, I have been creating resources for a workshop which has required me to print off small selections of the content from a large Rise resource. 

Feature Requests:

  • Please could it be made possible to select which sections/steps to include in a PDF?
  • In the PDF, prior to downloading, could it be made possible to amend to remove large areas of white space?

Many thanks,


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Chino Navarro

Hi Laura,

Thanks for reaching out. While there isn't a way to choose which sections or steps to include in a PDF, perhaps you can move the sections and steps into another course and export that course as a PDF. You can either use Block templates or move entire lessons to another course. 

Here is an article about Block templates: Rise 360: Creating, Sharing, and Reusing Block Templates

I appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas. If we make any changes that can help, we will post an update here. Have a good one!