Creating Reflection Questions

Jun 12, 2018

I'm currently using Rise to create courses that will eventually be used in an LMS. We want to have places where users can answer reflection questions throughout the course. Ideally, we want that data to be persistent, so when a user comes back, they'll see answers that they've entered before. We also want that data to be sent to the LMS so that instructors can see what learners entered. Since Rise can't do text entry, I've created a Storyline scene that is a survey that collects their text entry answers, and then I'm embedding that Storyline into a blocks lesson on Rise. However, I don't think I've done it correctly since I'm not seeing any data. I'm also not sure if they data is getting sent to the LMS. I'm still pretty new to Articulate, so maybe this is a simple fix. Any help would be appreciated. Happy to provide more details or files I'm using if that's helpful.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Jeff!

That's an excellent question, and don't worry, you're not doing anything wrong! When you use a Storyline Block in Rise, the data from the Storyline Block isn't communicated to the LMS. 

It sounds like what you really need is a text entry or essay question type in Rise, and for that question data to be sent to the LMS. While that's not on our feature roadmap currently, I'm happy to pass along your suggestion to our Product team.

In the meantime, I've seen other folks embed a survey from Google Forms or something similar to capture essay data from learners. However, the learner won't be able to go back and reread what they wrote, since the embedded form will be reset each time the learner accesses it.

Jeff DeSurra

Very helpful, thank you! Yes, please put in that suggestion as that would be very helpful for our use case.

What if I was to create the survey solely in Storyline and not use it within Rise but as its own standalone part of the lesson in the LMS. Would the data get sent to the LMS that way?

Kimberley Martinsen

I have a SL slide as a Interactive Block in RISE. The SL slide has a data entry box on it.

But when we run the course in our LMS, the text entered does not remain when the user logs out and back in to the course.

As I said we don't need the information to be extracted to the LMS, we just need the text to persist for the learner within the course.

Amy Krenzke

This is disappointing that neither RISE 360 nor using a Storyline block for reflection questions can be done. Reflection is an important aspect of learning and with the inability to come back and look at what one has written based on experience -- just having open text seems pointless. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to build to an external tool like using OneNote or using a function of the LMS.

Courtenay Smart

I am also looking for features similar to the ones mentioned in this thread: reflection questions and the ability to have more flexibility when it comes to assigning answers. I'd like participants to be able to choose from a list, for example, without the question being marked correct or incorrect (because it is intended to be for reflection purposes). I think reflection is such an important part of learning and would love to see this as an option in Rise.

Jamal Abilmona


I have created a google form for learners to complete a text entry question. I have tried to embed it using the multimedia embed block and the iframe code you have provided. However, the form is not displaying, and instead I am getting the link displayed rather than the form. I have attached a screenshot here. I am on a free trial currently and am wondering if this is the reason? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Crystal Horn

Hello, Jamal. I couldn't get that shortened link to work, either, but when I used it in the browser, it redirected to this URL:

I was able to use the iframe formula with that URL in a Rise 360 lesson:

<iframe src=""></iframe>