Cursor not changing to magnifying glass over images

Oct 26, 2021

When an image can be magnified there is no cursor change (mouseover change to magnifying glass) to let you know. Though after you magnify an image by clicking on it, there is a minus-magnifying glass to let you know you can click to get back to the initial size.

This seems like an odd oversight. Does anyone know if there's a way in Rise to get this working? (Note - I can do this via css in the index.html after export, but I don't like to do that).


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Karl Muller

Hi Stephen,

This appears to be a new issue, as the "+" magnifying glass used to appear when hovering over an image that had zoom enabled.

I noticed that the "-" magnifying glass that appears now, is much smaller than the one that was used before.

The old icons were quite large and pixelated. The new one is really tiny by comparison.

Seems to be a new bug.

Stephen Francis

Hi Karl,

I wondered why I hadn't noticed it - thanks for clearing that up. I checked an old published course and found the + cursor was there. The css used was just cursor: zoom-in; but for some reason this is no longer applied.

I've had an email telling me this has been added as a 'feature request', but really I think 'bug' is the proper term, since this is just normal UX expectation.