Custom Colors for Courses in Rise 360

Sep 02, 2021

Hi All,

Is there a way to use a specific color palette for a course in Rise 360? I see the capability to upload custom fonts but is there a way to edit existing or upload your own color palette?

Thanks for any info.


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Hazel Bartolome

Rise 360 allows you to choose one accent color for your course as noted here in the Theme section of your Rise course settings. There isn't a way to upload your own color palette.

Thanks for letting us know you'd like to customize your own color palette. That's not a feature on our roadmap right now, but we'll update this thread if we make changes that will help!

Dave Ashby

How is this not already a feature? So much time is wasted copying and pasting HEX codes. The only solution I can find to help save some time is to create custom blocks with the colors you want already selected. But can we PLEASE have this feature? Maybe Santa could get this done for a Christmas present?