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Allison LaMotte

Hi Rachel,

Can you give me a little more insight into what kinds of things on the first page you'd like to have more control over? Currently you're able to:

  • Add a cover photo
  • Change the theme color
  • Show or hide the course menu
  • Customize the header font

Looking forward to hearing more about your customization needs!

Rachel Service

Hi Alison,

It would be great to have more control over the size and position of things. Ideally we would have the title immediately followed by the contents (which would be larger that it is currently). It would also be useful to be able to customise the icons before each lesson. We'd also like to hide all of the progress measures as our course doesn't need to be read in order or in its entirety.

Additionally - would it be possible to hide the front page and just have the course open at the first lesson with the menu open?




Allison LaMotte

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for that feedback! If you have a second to log a feature request as well, that would be super helpful.

It is actually currently possible to hide the menu. Just got to the course settings and adjust the sidebar visibility to none. However, you will still arrive on the course welcome page, you just won't see the lessons below.

I hope that's helpful!