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Sam Williamson

Hi Renzo,

I was curious if I could find a way around this but as far as I can tell it's only an issue in the editor.

For my test I used a PNG with a transparent background, but in the editor or preview mode it presented as in your example with a block white background behind the image. However, if I published the course – either to my desktop or Articulate Review – the image's transparency worked correctly.

For some reason that particular quote image is displayed as/converted to a JPG when viewed in the Rise editor. Once published your original image file, and any associated transparency, should be used.

Hope that helps.

Allison LaMotte

Thanks for jumping in here Sam! I just tested this out and it looks like you're right! Once you publish it, the transparency appears as expected. The overlap only shows up when you're previewing.

I'll make sure to pass this information on to our development team! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.