Cut out in quotation marks

Feb 28, 2019

Hi all,

I am using the Quote C block in Rise, but my client doesn't like the cut out in the first quotation mark (see example below). This cut out is even there when my image has no background. Is there any way to solve this?



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Sam Williamson

Hi Renzo,

I was curious if I could find a way around this but as far as I can tell it's only an issue in the editor.

For my test I used a PNG with a transparent background, but in the editor or preview mode it presented as in your example with a block white background behind the image. However, if I published the course – either to my desktop or Articulate Review – the image's transparency worked correctly.

For some reason that particular quote image is displayed as/converted to a JPG when viewed in the Rise editor. Once published your original image file, and any associated transparency, should be used.

Hope that helps.

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