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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sahil,

I really appreciate your feedback on how we can improve Rise 360. If there's a way we can make it more user friendly, we want to hear about it!

In case you're curious, here's what our team is busy working on right now. That's the best place to stay up-to-date on the requested features coming to Rise 360. 

Jennifer Clarke

That's not correct Alyssa - You CAN'T delete a "Section" at all.  That's our issue and the reason for the original comment more than 2 years ago.

A course with 10 sections and dozens of subsections each needing an individual delete is a huge time-suck. An example of why this is needed is when needing to split up a course after it's built.

Please up this in your 'what we're working on' list. It's way past time. Thanks!

Karl Muller

Sections behave differently in Preview Mode and Edit Mode.

In Preview Mode, Rise automatically treats the Section (title) as the parent, and the Lessons and Quizzes that appear below the Section are treated as its children.

However, as this happens dynamically during Preview Mode and when the course is exported, no parent/child relationships actually exist while in Edit Mode.

While in Edit mode, a Section is merely a dumb text label, has no contents, and consists only of one item, what you are referring to as the Section "title".

For these reasons, when you delete a Section in Edit mode, it will only delete the Section "title".


Robert Fuller
Hillary Robinson

Right so many features that have been being asked about for years and never added! How about some global controls?

Sadly, this is the nature of Articulate -- they let known bugs and sadly needed feature requests go unaddressed for years. Then, in some rousing moment of genius, they add a quarter of a widely requested feature and act like they came up with the idea.

After milking their customer base for over a grand a year, you'd think they MIGHT take a minute, poll this little forum resource, and triage their software. But...

"HEY! Is that a pig I see soaring through the air???"