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Aug 07, 2018

Are there any blocks that allow learners to enter text answers?  Reflections/Diary/Short answers?


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Markus Stehle

I am looking for the same option. I just started to put a storyline block into rise and set variables in my storyline file. This works and I can make an output slide at the end but the problem is that  I have one question in each chapter. I can put some variable in my storyline block but i can just put the whole block in rise. And the end of the rise course the learner should have the option to print all answers. I don't know exactly what you would like to have but just for text inputs you can use a storyline block

Alyssa Gomez

Hey folks!

This has been a popular request, so thanks for adding your voice! 

I'd love to know a bit more about what you're looking for with this feature. Would the 'diary' or 'text entry' area be just for the user, or would you want to report the answer data to the LMS? Are they accessible only while in the course, or would you want a way for users to export or print out their answers? 

Thanks again for sharing, and I hope you're enjoying everything else that Articulate 360 has to offer! 

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the feedback, Markus.

Hey Steve and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :) I appreciate you chiming in to share your idea as well.

Hello Terje, Thanks for sharing your need as well.

You are all in the right place for when we have updated information to share regarding this feature. This conversation is linked to the report.

Karyn Jones

Hi, Crystal! Do you know if there is a way to create/build a notes or diary-like entry in SL360 and then input that as a block in RISE? 

I have built a module using RISE and I want to pose a question to the user where they would write their thoughts/experience on the topic at hand.

The dream would be to pull that information via our LMS. I am sure I saw an example of this in the Downloads section of the community but it was years ago and I can't see if now!

Thanks for your help (and apologies for jumping in to this thread if I am in the wrong spot!)

Karyn Jones

Thanks, Alyssa!

That link was a great help. It would have worked perfectly but there is an issue with our LMS app in that when you select the "Print My Journal" the document wants to open in another tab/window which the app won't allow. I think it may be to do with the coding but I have no idea how to fix that!

Do you know if there are any SL360 examples of Learning Journals?

Thanks again for your help!

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