Different Images for Each Lesson Header

Sep 02, 2022

Maybe a rookie question here but is it possible to have a different Lesson Header image for each lesson within the same Rise course? I can see in the Themes section you can choose various styles of Lesson Headers but it only appears to allow you to use one image, and that image runs throughout the course. I want to use a different image for each Lesson Header. Is that not possible?

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Kaylyn Milan

I was wondering the same thing. We normally start every lesson with a full-width image block with a picture that applies to that lesson. I was hoping to start using the lesson header with an image theme to do this; however, if the image can't be customized for each lesson, then it isn't that useful to us. I went ahead and submitted a feature request in the hopes they'll consider this in the future.

Kelly Auner

Hi Kaylyn,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community!

Currently, you can select a single image that is applied to all lessons in the course. We do have a feature request logged for the ability to use a different image on each lesson header, so this is still on our radar. I have linked you to the request, and we will be sure to update you with any news should this make it onto our feature roadmap!