Disable Quiz Results page

Jun 25, 2021


Is there a way that I can disable the Quiz Results page in my course?

I have sprinkled a number of quiz questions throughout my course (only one two after each lesson) and would prefer to not show the Quiz Results page after each section of quiz questions. 

Thank you, Marion

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Liberate Learning

I would like to be able to display the results without the large and cumbersome circular animation. I have 6 questions and a percentage is not a neat way of displaying the results. If we could have a bar graph or similar or change the interface so it can be proportional, that would be helpful. The circle animation is annoying and doesn't add anything to knowing your score.

I would prefer to see 'You answered 5 out of 6 questions correctly'. No muss, no fuss, no fanfare. 

Rebecca Lacy

I'm interested in any developments on this also.

We are trying to use Rise360 quizzes as before and after surveys/self-reflections and would like to the quiz score hidden, as setting it to "0%" passing doesn't look great and has been confusing for some users, no matter how clear we explain that there are no wrong answers. 

An option in question/quiz settings to make any answer correct would be great, alternatively the ability to hide the quiz total score displayed at the end and to just say they have submitted. 

Prefer to use as quiz rather than knowledge check, so we can record and compare before and after responses and see if any improvements in self-reflection at the end of the course. 

Using external survey embed isn't a great option as the user has to enter their details each time, and inserting a storyline block won't allow us to track the user responses.
We are still using assessed knowledge quizzes within the course as well. 

Gren Foronda

Hi Rebecca!

There aren't any updates yet on this request to have the option to hide the quiz score in the results.

In addition, we're also tracking requests for adding Survey/Ungraded questions in quizzes in Rise.

We'll keep this thread posted on any updates on these requests. Let us know if you have any further questions or suggestions!

Mel Sakel

Are there any updates on this?
We just want to add some knowledge check questions in the course. No feedback-no pass fail-and certainly no confusing quiz results page (too analytical for everyday learners our survey shows)
We are looking into doing it in a knowledge check section, as the questions stack there, whereas if we just did consecutive questions in the module itself it would mean an annoying amount of scrolling for learners. I am assuming there is still no option to stack question blocks (?), so i am looking into other alternatives (excluding storyline or interactive videos)