Does anyone know how to upload a Rise 360 course to SharePoint?

Feb 28, 2022

We developed a Rise course that is really just an informational module (no knowledge checks, no credit for completion) and we want to upload it to SharePoint (Office 365) to share with our end users. I am the owner of a SharePoint site and thought I should be able to do this. Other option is to find a web server but I would have to request IT assistance with that. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Therese Cormack

I was able to get this to work! Our SharePoint administrators had to enable custom script on the site and it now opens the content. The issue I have now is that I want to share the SharePoint link to the index.asp file in email or a PDF but when you click the link in the email or pdf, it asks if you want to open or download the file. If you click Open it properly launches the content. I wish it would just launch automatically. Any ideas?